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Drop off Event Policies & Safety Rules

Franny’s Farmhouse Studio Drop Off Event Policies & Safety Rules

(Effective September 1, 2022)


If your child/teen is attending any drop off event at our studio, we please ask that you review our policies and safety rules with them before they are dropped off:


  1. There is no running, screaming, rough housing, physical contact with other children while attending an event.
  2. Kindness and respectful behavior are expected at all times.
  3. All four chair/stool legs must be kept on the floor. We’ve had a lot of children leaning back in their chairs recently and with our floors being concrete, we do not want to see your child get hurt.
  4. Handwashing is required after staining/painting, eating, and using the restroom.
  5. Please wear clothing that you are ok with getting non-washable paint on. We do have aprons available. Please ask for one!
  6. If your child is bringing a cell phone, please remind them that they are not to be on it while crafting, as it becomes a distraction to other children. It will need to remain in their pocket during the event.
  7. We will now be following a “three strikes rule”. If we have to speak to your child more than two times in regard to bad behavior, we will be texting the emergency phone # you provide and you will need to pick up your child immediately. Unfortunately, we have had numerous children who haven’t been following our rules recently and it becomes unfair to other children who are there to paint, craft and have fun.
  8. Any of our events that are listed as “drop off” are for children only! Adults/parents are not allowed to stay. We have these rules in place because we have some children that have a very hard time at drop off saying goodbye and if they see another parent staying, they become more upset. If you feel as though your child will not do well being dropped off, we recommend coming with your child during our regular walk in studio hours to craft together.
  9. Please do not send your child with outside toys, electronics, food, etc. You may send a water bottle filled with water only. If the event your child is attending is serving food, and your child has a food allergy, please email us to discuss options.
We appreciate your understanding! We want all of our crafters to have a fun, safe crafting experience.